Stage 2: Financial Planning Series

Stage 2

Now that you know the basic money management concepts from Stage 1, we will now be discussing the basic foundation of financial planning.

What is financial planning? Financial planning is about preparing for your future through identifying steps required to reach your financial goals. Your financial goals can be to fund life events such as wedding, education, purchase of a house and lot or car, etc.

Stage 2: Financial Planning Series
Lesson 13 Exercise: Create your dreamboard
Lesson 14 Stages of financial life
Lesson 15 Financial goals setting
Lesson 16 Do I need an emergency fund?
Lesson 17 How do I create a goal-oriented investment plan?
Lesson 18 Understanding government benefits (SSS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth)
Lesson 19 Do I need to get an insurance?
Lesson 20 Exercise: How to create my SALN
Lesson 21 Exercise: How to create my budget plan
Lesson 22 Retirement planning
Lesson 23 How to prepare for my kids’ education
Lesson 24 Is’t possible to live on interest?
Lesson 25 How do I engage my family to learn about personal finance?
Lesson 26 YOLO or Delayed Gratification?
Lesson 27 My 20 travel tips to budget travelers
Lesson 28 Estate planning 101
Lesson 29 Do I need to get a financial advisor?
Lesson 30 What is DIY financial planning?