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Philippine Mutual Funds Performance 2015

Happy 2016! Check out the 2015 performance of mutual funds according to categories (equity/stock funds, money market funds, balanced funds and bond funds). Kindly click the image to view it clearly. To verify, you can hit 29 December 2015 here http://pifa.com.ph/factsfignavps.asp. Side note: Join our newest Facebook Group: Filipino Financial Freedom Forum. Our mission: #FilipinoFinancialFreedom. Kalayaan! Zero knowledge on mutual funds? Get […]

How to Invest in Pooled Funds (Mutual Funds and UITFs)

Welcome to the world of pooled funds aka mutual funds and UITFs! Investing in pooled fund is sooo easy! This article is divided into 6 easy-to-learn sections: Before we even start a discussion on how to invest in Philippine pooled funds, here’s a simple checklist to ascertain if you are prepared for this crazy adventure! […]