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Update on COL Model Portfolio as of 23 October 2015

If you are doing cost averaging and you are at the same time following Colfinancial.com‘s Model Portfolio, here’s our regular update on the stock prices: Note that the below COL Model Portfolio is based on the latest COLing the Shots report released last October 15, 2015 entitled Volatility to remain in the short term. If you’re curious about the changes in the […]

5 Easy Steps on How to Invest in Philippine Stock Market

                                  “You will lose money!” “It’s scary to put your money in the stock market!” “I’ve heard a friend who lost all his savings in the stock market. Stay away!” Maybe you’ve heard these statements – why do you […]

5 Things To Do When the Market is Red

We always want the bull to be the star, but truth is, there will surely be times when the bear has to come out and shine. Photo credits to source. Rant. Scream. Binge. Get drunk. Go insane. Nope. That’s not the 5 things to do when the market is red. Or maybe you’ve passed through […]

Cost Averaging vs Value Averaging: Pros and Cons

Most stock market investors today do have a day job that may not be directly related to the equity market. Some of us are engineers, doctors, accountants, fastfood chain crew members, seafarers, nurses, etc. As we go on dedicating a reasonable amount of money into investing for our future, we are always trying to seek […]

12 Ways to Enhance Success in Stock Investing

If you are investing or trading the stock market and you want to improve your trading skills, here are some ways to enhance your performance in stock trading or investing. We will go through each step too, based on my personal opinion and experience. If you can share your own, please do at the comment […]

August is the Dreaded Ghost Month: More on PSEI Seasonality

August is the Dreaded Ghost Month.  In Mark T. Market’s Bernstein Seasonality and the PSEi he discussed the Bernstein methodology to figure out the bulls and the bears in a stock market. The methodology makes use of normalized stock prices and graphed to see the trends. In his analysis, the dips are in March, rally […]

50 Time Tested Classic Trading Rules for the Modern Trader to Follow

I’ve been trading stocks since school days through a simulated stock trading game. For me, stock trading is one of the best investments a young professional can venture into, especially for retirement and long term goals. However, I want to debunk the myth that you can leave a stock for decades and earn big time. Everybody […]